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John Chung, Attorney

John Chung Attorney

John graduated from the University of California, at Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. After college, Mr. Chung moved to New York City and received his law degree from Fordham University School of Law. In law school, Mr. Chung was a member of the Fordham International Law Journal, competed in national moot court competitions, and later served as the Managing Editor of the school’s acclaimed Moot Court Board.

Following law school, Mr. Chung worked as a prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in San Diego, CA. Mr. Chung tried felony narcotics and alien smuggling cases in federal court and also successfully argued cases before the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. Mr. Chung continued on with his career prosecuting cases as a deputy district attorney in Kern County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. Mr. Chung tried more than 75 felony and misdemeanor jury trials and 150 juvenile court trials. The types of cases tried by Mr. Chung ranged from DUI and domestic violence, to gang crimes, robbery, rape, and murder.

In November 2007, Mr. Chung was appointed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as a Special Assistant Inspector General in the Office of the Inspector General’s Bureau of Independent Review. For more than four years, Mr. Chung monitored hundreds of CDCR disciplinary cases from “the cradle to the grave,” meaning cases were monitored from inception to disposition.

Mr. Chung has personally been present at Central Intake Unit meetings where the Office of Internal Affairs and Office of Legal Affairs decide which cases referred for investigation by institutional hiring authorities are opened and which are rejected. Mr. Chung has monitored countless investigatory interviews and operations conducted by the Office of Internal Affairs, and has made numerous recommendations to OIA Special Agents and Supervisors regarding investigative tactics and legal procedure. Mr. Chung has also provided consultation to hiring authorities at every institution and parole region in the Southern Region of CDCR. The consultation most often dealt with whether there was sufficient evidence to sustain allegations and what penalty was appropriate according to the Department’s Disciplinary Matrix. Another major component of Mr. Chung’s duties with the BIR was to monitor, evaluate, and provide consultation to the department’s attorneys in the Office of Legal Affairs’ Employment and Advocacy Prosecution Team.

With John Chung Law, you have the incredible opportunity to obtain the services of an attorney who has observed and experienced the CDCR disciplinary process from every possible angle and has the knowledge and expertise to vigorously defend your reputation and best interests.



Arthur Shin, Attorney

Arthur Shin Attorney

Arthur attended the University of California at Berkeley and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Arthur then attended Whittier Law School where he was a member of both the Moot Court Honors Board and Whittier Law Review, holding executive positions in both organizations. Arthur published an article with the Whittier Law Review relating to the use of abductions to attain jurisdiction over international criminals which has been referenced in other academic and policy journals.

Arthur took positions with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and later with the Solano County District Attorney’s Office as a deputy district attorney.

In 2009, Arthur began his career with the Office of the Inspector General, Bureau of Independent Review, as a Special Assistant Inspector General. In this capacity, Arthur monitored all aspects of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employee disciplinary process. This included providing recommendations to special agents in the Office of Internal Affairs as well as vertical advocates within the Employment Advocacy and Prosecution Team in all aspects of the investigation and prosecution of employee disciplinary cases. Arthur also was present at Central Intake Unit meetings where representatives of the Office of Internal Affairs and Office of Legal Affairs determined which cases would be referred for investigation. Arthur also participated in numerous meetings with hiring authorities to review investigative reports to determine if sufficient evidence existed to sustain allegations and if so, what the appropriate penalty should be.

Now as an attorney working on behalf of CDCR employees, Arthur will apply all of his skills and experience to assist employees during internal affairs investigations and State Personnel Board appeals.


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